Transact simply with conversation

Delivering financial services through seamless conversational AI

Transactional services like Fund Transfer, Bills and Premium Payments, Recharge, Trading, purchasing Policies, among others, are executable in the Conversational User Interface itself. Customer Engagement is now made seamless, packaged with utmost focus on customers’ ease of use.

BFSIs are upgrading their Customer Engagement with Conversational Banking to handle transactions through chat and voice via digital platforms (mobile, app, messenger, web, IoT, Alexa, etc)
BFSIs can now provide Conversational Banking that enables their customers to initiate transactions like Balances Push and Pull, retrieve Transaction History, perform Bill Payments and set reminders, execute Funds Transfer, trigger Top Ups and Recharges, facilitate Commerce and administer their Personal Financial Management (PFM) – all through the ease of a simple chat/voice platform.
We built our Conversational AI Engine, Triniti, with capabilities to detect, expand, clarify and process user’s inputs, interpret discourse and reactions, extract Advanced Temporal entities and Numerical entities. This enables it to recognize values, analyse sentiments to function perceptively in splitting multiple instructions. Accurate context-aware responses are manifested by utilising Domain Aware Knowledge Repository.

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