Serve customers with intuition and empathy

Excellent Service Ambassador For Queries and Transactions

Provide top-notch humanized Customer Service and promote loyalty and retention. A one-stop virtual assistant to accede service requests, deliver customer support, manage disputes and handle FAQs, all through great conversational experience.

A human’s intuition and empathy is often a major factor when satisfying service requests or managing disputes. Virtual assistants are expected to provide empathy and sensibilities when engaging customers.
BFSIs can deliver great conversational customer experience through their distribution channels. The digitally enhanced engagement simulates a human’s touch on customer service. This will drive businesses forward and place them in the forefront of disruptive technological advancement.
Triniti is trained to provide accurate context aware responses. It is able to understand and respond to users request at a fine grain.,while it humanise the experience with Small Talk. With its high-functioning perceptive ability to split compound instructions in a conversation, it can also handle compound statements efficiently. Our AI is also loaded with Conversation Analyser and Processor to simulate empathy with State-of-the-art knowledge representations, predicate logic, co-reference and attentional stack.

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