Remind tactfully for better engagement

A Smart Virtual Assistant That Does Not Forget

Reminders are a brilliant way of helping customers avoid penalties and/or late payment charges, and a great method to reiterate offers and promotions. Timely follow-ups on abandoned requests and/or transactions sees higher probability of it being converted into action.

Outstanding balances, upcoming bills, premium fees etc. are often overlooked, leading to late payment fees and/or penalties. Customers with interest in certain requests or transactions or promos and offers may need some help to follow up on them after focusing on other queries or service requests.
Customers can rely on a smart virtual assistant that promptly deliver reminders and notifications through Conversations. They can trust that their interests are never forgotten and be assured that important due dates are less likely to be missed. Reliance will often encourage loyalty and retention.
Triniti is able to alert customers on potentially overlooked payments and help monitor cyclic billing dates. It also monitors abandoned requests and/or transactions and helpfully remind customers to encourage action.

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