Predict customer service meaningfully

Providing Intelligent Recommendations

With Triniti learning customer’s stated preferences, it makes way for predictive analytics to be in play during the conversation. This simplifies the user’s journey substantially as customers are presented with the next best action or offer thus leading them in a favourable journey. Especially handy in Capital Market, Portfolio Optimisation can now be flawlessly stitched into the whole Customer Experience.

Traditional channels rely on guess-work and generally, a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to offering or cross-selling other products within one engagement session. BFSIs are targeting to improve conversion and acceptance and also easing the user’s journey through intelligent predictive marketing, based on individual customer’s behaviour data.
BFSIs can now deliver Conversational Banking that can efficiently serve and advise their Customers with customized solutions and products, making the engagement experience a much productive session due to the higher potential of positive response from Customers. Predictive Customer Service is key in satisfying a customer in one simplified engagement journey, as the Customer is now assisted to do more by thinking less!
Triniti is designed to provide predictive analysis to cleverly gather data from customer’s preferences. This enables it to provide intuitive customer service, catered to Customer’s interests, thus boosting the likelihood of positive response towards the recommended offers or actions. As highlighted in Capital Market, this enhances the optimisation of portfolios as the Customer is presented with customized advice.

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