Onboard via natural conversation

Replaces ‘form-filling’ process with the ease of chat

Onboarding and Origination is often a dry and tedious experience for most customers. Conversational AI has the ability to execute the same objectives through chat, ensuring better customer experience.

Automated onboarding and origination processes still feel like a hassle and customers are known to have little patience or tolerance. BFSIs can minimize rate of abandonment by making the process ‘unfelt’, all through natural conversations.
With efficient KYC and customer’s profile management, BFSIs can enhance their customer engagement experience by providing hassle-free registration/application/claims submissions processes. Uploading documents and logging in personal information is now as smooth as a casual chat, thus improving customer retention.
Keeping in mind that the customer’s journey matters, Triniti eases card applications, policy, rider and claims origination, among others. Although the security features of identity and verification still applies, other aspects of onboarding, like document upload and cadence/sequence of the onboarding communications, are seamlessly woven in the conversation itself.

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