Engage customers to help make better decisions

Lead conversations for better persuasion

Customers relies on expert advice from Customer Service Representatives when they are at the decision-making stage. Triniti has excellent capabilities to derive and formulate highly-favourable advice – presenting better, faster, cheaper options tailored to customer’s profile.

The power of human persuasion is often lacking when the same service is transposed into digital distribution channels. Advices that leads to customer’s acceptance needs to be simulated as close to a human expert’s persona.
With better understanding of Customer’s profile, BFSIs can cleverly advise customers with the best suited offers or actions that are tailored to their needs. This makes the engagement feel exclusive and therefore increase the potential of customers accepting the given advice, thus improving conversion of interest to subscriptions.
Triniti is well-equipped to cleverly read into customer’s profile and suggest the best next action or offers, e.g if it is possible to save more, is there a better card for them, can they loan at a cheaper rate or invest better, etc. Comparative analysis is executed in a way that customers will only be presented with options that are beneficial to them, thus helping them to proceed and make quicker decisions.

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