Convert interest into action

Leads Customers with better informed decisions and follow up on keenly-marked products or services

Customer’s preferences are monitored and studied to implement better profiling of potential sales lead. Abandoned shopping cart items can be encouraged to be converted into check-outs.

Most BFSIs want to optimise their Customer Conversion and Targeting with high-functioning automated sales assistance. This can be accomplished within their Conversational Customer Engagement channels.
With our Conversational AI, BFSIs can be assured that they can offer Automated Sales Assistance and expect a higher conversion rate of indicated interest to sales, as the intelligent targeting and follow-ups to abandoned cart items will be efficiently managed, all within a conversational experience.
Triniti’s keen observational capabilities will take note and cleverly classify Customer’s preferences and behaviour for better targeting and retargeting. This will allow it to aptly offer high-potential sales lead – i.e , offering a good credit customer a pre-approved loan. Indicated interest in shopping carts will be taken as products and/or services that appeals the Customer and our AI is trained to follow-up on it and convert them into sales.

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