Active.Ai Powers VAL, Royal Credit Union Conversational AI Chatbot

NEW YORK, January 13, 2021 - Royal Credit Union members are adopting AI-driven chatbot Val, which has crossed 30,000+ unique users since its launch in June 2020. Val  is a text+voice-based bot that can answer 700+ unique FAQs and their natural variations, as well as show national ATM / Branch results using Locator Search and Google Maps APIs. Val is now also connected with NCR's Digital Insights APIs to offer a secure and multi-factor authenticated login experience with balances and transaction histories for checking, savings, loans, and credit card products. More features like transfers, bill payments, business banking, and others are on the roadmap for 2021. 

VAL, Royal Credit Union Conversational AI Chatbot
VAL, Royal Credit Union Conversational AI Chatbot
VAL, Royal Credit Union Conversational AI Chatbot

Powered by Active.Ai’s cutting edge conversational AI platform institutions can now communicate digitally with their consumers, understand their intent, be contextually aware, handle multiple instructions in a single string, and handle acronyms or slang in a delightful manner.

Over 20 leading institutions across the world handle millions of interactions a month across simple and complex banking conversations on Active.Ai platform today with a very high accuracy rate. With valuable feedback from clients, Active.Ai has made this platform immensely scalable and quick to deploy.“Royal is a values-driven credit union focused on meeting the needs of its Members,” said Pam Haller, Royal Credit Union EVP – Chief Digital Experience & Marketing Officer. “The team at Active.AI has been extremely responsive to our needs and we are excited to incorporate cutting edge AI solutions into our Member service strategy.”

“Conversational AI allows Members to interact with Royal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of time zone,” said Colin Boone, Vice President – Digital Experience. “Val is equipped to answer a list of frequently asked questions, helps Members find ATM or office locations, and provides balance and transactional history on Member accounts. The addition of this AI solution allows our call center team to serve members with more complex inquires and build deeper relationships with them as we strive to maintain our position as a respected financial partner.”

“It's a privilege for to partner with Royal Credit Union as the credit union expands its digital suite to include Conversational Banking. Val (Virtual Assistant) enables intelligent two way conversations, capturing customer needs and insights, enabling a superior customer experience. We look to progressively add services to empower Val to serve internal customers as well over time.” said Ravishankar, CEO of Active.Ai.

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Active.Ai is the leading conversation Ai platform for digital financial services. Active.Ai helps Banks accelerate their digital experience with omni-channel enterprise grade Conversational AI finance as a service platform built from ground up for Financial Services. Banks can deploy and scale rapidly with 150+ use cases pre-built out-of-the-box to increase customer acquisition, reduce customer service turn around time and deepen customer engagement on Whatsapp, Messaging, Smart IVR, Mobile apps, Web, VoiceBots and IOT devices

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About Royal Credit Union

Royal Credit Union is a federally insured credit union proudly serving over 220,000 Members in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Royal is driven by a core ideology which is built on strong purpose and values. You can open an account or apply for a low-rate loan at Royal Credit Union if you live or work in 26 counties in western Wisconsin or 16 counties in Minnesota. Realtors in the state of Wisconsin or Minnesota are also eligible to join the credit union. Visit or call Royal Credit Union at 800-341-9911 for more information.

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