HR Bot by Income


NTUC income insurance has been always forefront in using innovative and cutting-edge modes of insurance for increasing customer experience. HR Bot “Zoey” has been the first Singapore job Acquisition Conversational AI Bot – “NTUC Income ”, in partnership with Active.ai in Sept 2019 to create conversational insurance chatbot.

Using this virtual digital assistant, Customers can apply for job positions and ask FAQ’s securely from home, any time, without logging into careers page like check Positions, Roles, Uploading of resume, Share his/her work experience, Rating of bot experience, Feedback, Application bar at top, FAQ’s and do a lot more with chatbot; This would add significant convenience to customers, as it allow them to get personalised experiences at any time.

Multiple channels multiple use cases


  • Web

Service Requests

  • Apply for a Job


  • Login
  • Email Validation