HDFC securities Ltd, introduces Arya, a market first Conversational AI-powered investment concierge empowering customers to manage their investments


Indian financial services are witnessing a tectonic shift to digital adoption. With over 500 million smartphone owners and 4g connectivity driving data, digital financial services are set to take off. Capital markets are seeing increasing participation from millions of mobile-enabled middle-class investors who are seeking to participate in newer asset classes and a buoyant stock market, which is reflecting a high growth economy.

HDFC securities Ltd, introduces the award winning digital trading platform, Arya, pioneering Investing through Conversational AI, pPowered by Active.Ai’s cutting edge AI engine, TRINITI. The Smart Arya virtual assistant is designed to be a helping hand for HDFC Securities’ customers, making it a conversational experience as compared to the regular exhausting step-by-step flow.

Multiple channels multiple use cases


  • Social

  • Web


  • Get Price Quote (Mutual Funds & Equities)
  • Research call enquiry-Generic Stock recommendation
  • Research call enquiry-Specific Stock Recommendation
  • Market Data Today
  • Get Price Card for Gainer
  • Get Price Card for Loser
  • Get Price Card for Active Stock, along with CTA to initiate the order.
  • Company News, Corporate Actions
  • Portfolio Valuation (TP, EP, MF valuation)
  • FAQ’s
  • MF Reckoner


  • Equity Buy Order
  • Equity Sell Order
  • MF Buy Order – SIP & Lump Sum
  • MF Sell Order - SIP & Lump Sum
  • IPO Order


  • Login
  • Forgot Password
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Active.Ai client success story - HDFC Securities Arya Conversational securities


From winning the Conversational Investing Award at the Innovation Tribe Awards and Summit to handling the load of queries on Website and Facebook Messenger. HDFC Securities Arya is seeing a rapid rise in usage among millennial customer base.

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Won the Conversational Investing Award at the Innovation Tribe Awards and Summit

Client speak

“We are on the journey of building a fully capable conversational investing experience. Right now we support features such as: Investing in equities or mutual funds, tracking stock prices, Portfolio performance, stocks and mutual funds recommendations and Queries related to products and platform. We are also providing IPO applications on the chatbot. Millennials are one of our key target audiences who are very active on their social media handles. Through Conversational Investing we want to take our value proposition to them on platforms which they are conversant and comfortable with. We want to de-jargonize capital markets and make the process of investing in a social experience.”

Nandkishore Purohit,

Head – Digital Business and Strategy at HDFC securities