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Conversational AI

Build simple, secure, natural conversational experience for mobile, web and IOT.

Powerful Deep AI Stack

Triniti APIs empowers financial institutions with cutting-edge capabilities to offer their customers a natural, personalised, intelligent and low-cost channel of engagement via voice and text. Triniti’s state-of-the-art AI algorithms enables it to identify and understand intent, interpret discourse and reactions, extract entities and recognize values, analyse sentiments and emotions in conversations and much more, transforming access to financial services to be more natural, seamless and invisible.

Built for Fintech Developers

Our ability to craft intelligent micro conversations is due to the fact that we tuned our AI engine specifically for banking and finance and pre-trained relevant ontology that is build with preprocessor, NLP, NLU, NLG and Machine Comprehension in mind.

Pre-Process Input
  • Context sensitive spelling correction & Acronym expansion

    Corrects misspelt words based on user’s input. Knows not to correct names, nicknames etc. Expand and normalises acronyms like “acc” to account, “xfer” to transfer. Able to standardise forms like “CreditCard” to Credit Card.

  • Temporal Entity Processor

    Advanced algorithm to convert “Yesterday”, “1st Sunday of next month”, “last 4 weeks”, etc to standardised date formats.

  • Number Processor

    Convert numbers expressed in words like “five hundred and twenty thousand” into numerical form 520000.

Process Conversation & Context
  • Query splitter

    Can detect up to two instructions in a sentence and separate them to inherit required entities. For example, “Pay 500 to Jack and Jill” becomes “pay 500 to Jack” and “pay 500 to Jill”.

  • Context detection

    Detects if the user’s utterance is in context of the current conversation. Also detects implied cancellations, confirmations and negation requests.

  • Sentiment & Profanity detection

    Able to detect if the user’s current input is positive, neutral or negative. Detects if the user is being abusive and able to respond appropriately.

Classify & Extract
  • Fragment Detection

    Detects and provides options when user’s input is a fragment and is not expandable. For example, “Show..” could mean “show balance, show due bills, show transactions”.

  • Intent Classification

    Auto Calibrating Classifier that is tolerant to differences in instances of training data across intents, able to differentiate between FAQ and non-FAQ intelligently and detect adversity.

  • Entity & Modifier Extraction

    Highly Trainable with trainable entity linking and Auto Calibrating features. Able to extract entities with high precision and confidence. Extracts and links Modifiers like "from" and “to” to related entities. Able to extract modifiers that modify the complete intent, such as “minimum” in “Minimum Balance”.

  • Response type and Grain detection

    Provides the response type (“Numeric”) that the user is expecting and its grain (“Count”). It helps bots respond with more precise answer than giving generic response.

  • Tense detection

    Detects if the sentence is in past tense or not, in order to help bots interpret the request correctly. For example, “How many EMIs have I paid” vs “How many EMIs do I have to pay”.

  • Sentence Parsing

    Extracts relationship between entities thus enabling bots to handle much more complex requests with multiple entities, constraints, and more.

  • Small Talk

    Responds to most commonly-used ‘small-talk’ or ‘chit-chat’ that users have with bots.

  • Search Base Knowledge

    Seamlessly connect and switch between cloud (Watson, Luis) and enterprise AI (Triniti) API’s.

  • Suggest related

    Orchestrate natural conversational workflows by stitching together channel inputs, AI, and UI.

Why Triniti

Designed and trained for Financial Conversations

Triniti is designed and built ground up to deliver conversational AI for the financial domain.

  • Pre-Trained Financial Domain Models
  • Cutting Edge Algorithms
  • Conversational AI
  • Banking-grade security and compliance