The Best 50 Cities for a Startup in the World

Source: Valuer.Ai

Singapore has a lot to offer, from modern infrastructure and an educated workforce to a strategic proximity to many emerging and developed markets. Outranking Silicon Valley as the indisputable top and startup capital, which may come as a surprise.

Let’s look back into its history.

Remember the recent competition between Singapore and Hong Kong? Singapore won by earning recognition among investors as the best place for expanding or starting a new business in Asia.

The two are former British colonies, with well-structured governments, free-port trade to foreign investors.
Both depend on economic growth.
The two have a city megapolis and reach between 5-8 million citizens.
Both expanded after World War II, surpassing even Japan’s GDP per capita.
Today Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world and has become a startup hub for entrepreneurs, tech companies and investors.

Here is a list of promising startups in the area: CoinPip, Datarama, Greyloft, Honestbee, Mighty Bear Games, Nugit, oBike, ShopBack, Spark Systems, Chope,, Active.Ai

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